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E-Cig of Denver is an electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette accessories store in Denver, Colorado providing the widest range of both electro and mechanical mods, top quality gourmet e-juices, electronic cigarette starter kits and custom house e-liquids at the lowest prices on the Front Range.

Purchase new electronic cigarettes and/or supplies from E-Cig of Denver and enjoy flat rate shipping on all USA deliveries!

What is an Electronic Cigarette ?

Electronic cigarettes—also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs or vapes—are an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Electronic cigarettes produce a vaporized liquid that’s exhaled, similar to the sensation of smoking. E-cigarette liquids used to produce vapor come in a variety of flavors and e-Cigs of Denver can custom mix almost any flavor you might image. Electronic cigarettes and may contain nicotine. Using an e-cig isn’t smoking, it’s vaping.

Vaping feels like smoking, but without the smoke, tar, or smell. You can use it almost anywhere you want, anytime you want to, indoors or out. It’s time to reclaim your choice, relax, kick back, and enjoy time with your friends.

Why E-Cigarettes ?

One benefit of e-cigarettes is that many businesses allow their use inside. This allows you to use them whenever needed, rather than waiting for a break to go outside. For example, many employers, bars, and airports will allow the use of e-cigarettes.

Another benefit of e-cigarettes is that they can be used to help quit smoking. The amount of nicotine can be slowly decreased over time allowing the user to decrease their dependence on nicotine at their own pace. Eventually you can smoke just the flavored vapor without any nicotine at all and/or quit altogether.

It’s a no-brainer. Switching from tobacco to e-cigs can help you live cleaner and save money. Life without tar, bad odors, and dirty ashtrays opens up a whole new world that feels better for you and others around you.E-Cigs customers report saving 50-70% using e-cigs versus smoking traditional cigarettes.

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